Call for orders+30 2310 555 445

Payment options

After sending by you by e-mail or telephone for the order you want,

we register your order and inform you about the amount.

The deposit is made in a bank account.


EURO BANK: IBAN: GR6902602060000170201154701 SWIFT: ERBKGRAA

EURO BANK: 0026.0206.17.0201154701

ALPHA BANK: IBAN: GR7501407010701002330000390

ALPHA BANK: 701 00 2330 000390

NATIONAL BANK: IBAN: GR7701105400000054020078785

NATIONAL BANK: 540 / 200787-85

PIRAEUS BANK: IBAN: GR3701722290005229089641115

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